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Human Gut Microbiome is The Most Important Organ In Our Body

Human Gut Microbiome is The Most Important Organ In Our Body​

Human Gut Microbiome is The Most Important Organ In Our Body. Why Is It Important To Have A Healthy Gut? Click Here For More Information

Did you know that human cells are outnumbered by bacteria in your body? Do you know why your body contains these bacteria or microbes?

These neighbors are always around, and they usually don’t give us any health problems. Are they cordial?

Can they also give us diseases? How did they get inside? How do they function within the body?

Millions of microscopic living things call the human body home, and together they make up what is known as the human microbiome.

Bacteria are a sort of microbe that are prevalent practically everywhere on the body, particularly the stomach, skin, nose, and mouth.

The human microbiome was once thought to start colonizing the gut at birth.

However, some researchers have hypothesized that commensal bacteria might cross the placental barrier from mother to fetus.

The mother’s mouth microbiome may have been the source of the first bacteria to colonize babies.

The gut microbiome is significantly impacted by the delivery modality used in early life. The microbiome of the mother’s vagina and gut are initially colonized by the infant after a vaginal birth. Contrarily, during a Caesarean procedure, the baby is first exposed to the skin and hospital environment bacteria. Recent studies also imply bacterial transmission from the mother to the child through the rectus.

Human Gut Microbiome

Therefore, during the early stages of life, the infant born via vaginal delivery acquires bacteria similar to its own mother’s vaginal and fecal microbiota, demonstrating a low level of variety and primarily depending on the baby’s food.

The method of feeding—breast milk versus formula—then has a substantial impact on the composition of the infant’s microbiota.

Human milk contains a range of complex carbohydrates (known as human milk oligosaccharides) that are indigestible to newborns un addition to living bacteria.

The bacterial community in the infant’s stomach is modified by these complex carbs, which then serve as prebiotics.

Infants who are formula-fed develop a microbiota more comparable to that of an adult, with more overall bacterial diversity, whereas Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium predominate in the gut microbiota of breastfeeding newborns.

As a child transitions from breastfeeding to solid foods high in protein and fiber, the diversity of the gut microbiome expands. By the time they are between the ages of 2 and 3, scientists predict that a child’s gut microbiome will resemble that of an adult, and it will stay that way throughout adulthood.

Why Is The Human Gut Microbiome Important? ​

The roles of the human gut microbiota are:


  • It protects against dangerous bacteria.
  • It teaches the immune system to distinguish between friends and enemies
  • It breaks down harmful substances.


  • Humans cannot digest certain substances, but it can
  • Dietary fiber is broken down by the gut microbiome, producing vital substances (like short-chain fatty acids) that have advantages that go beyond the gut.
  • It facilitates dietary mineral absorption.
  • It generates a variety of crucial vitamins and amino acids, including vitamin K and folate (B9).


It has the power to affect emotions and actions.

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Human Gut Microbiome Undergoes Changes

From early childhood to old age, the human gut microbiome undergoes changes. The gut microbiome is extremely diverse in newborns, but as people age and lose important genes, such as those involved in producing short-chain fatty acids, it tends to become less diverse. The general decline in gut microbial diversity has been linked to frailty.

The good news is that certain aging-related changes in the gut microbiome may be prevented by certain lifestyle decisions. This means that maintaining healthy gut bacteria through an active lifestyle and a nutritious diet is the best way to enjoy good health and wellbeing.

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